Note about the SEEING THINGS Cdrom

Since this was made the Acrobat 4 programme on which it runs has been superseded by Acrobats 5 and 6, which sometimes donít run it properly.

            This is a blasted nuisance, but I have found out what to do if you have a PC.

            Download Acrobat 4 when prompted from the disc( You can have it as well as 5 and 6).

            Then press Quit, take out the disc.

            Then, from the desk-top open Acrobat 4 and diminish it down into the corner of the desktop, leave it waiting there.

            Then replace the disc and start again. This time Acrobat 4 should connect with it first and the programme should work.

  This can also happen with later Quick-time players!

         Sorry about that