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After untold years of obscurity, The Dragons' Friendly Society has turned back the pages of time to re-cast the runes from which it was created. From a far-flung source at the end of the known world it has commanded a new printing, and with strong beats of its wings it has returned, bearing boxed sets of a new printing of the original twelve volumes of The Sagas of Noggin the Nog.


The Complete Set of 12 Stories

Originally published by Kaye and Ward and  faithfully reproduced 

as individual hardback facsimile editions in a beautifully designed

 presentation box by Peter Firmin.



The Sagas of Noggin the Nog 12 Book Boxed Set
 60.00 inc  p&p within the UK

 which works out at a very reasonable 5.00 per volume...its just that you have to buy em all at once !

 The books are certain

to become valuable collectors items.

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The 12 Books

 * denotes the stories that were filmed and the year



king.jpg (17116 bytes)

1. King of the Nogs * 1961

How Noggin saw the face of his bride on the white bone knife which the green bird had brought him, and how he sailed beyond the black ice at the edge of the world to bring her home.

icedrag.jpg (18015 bytes) 2. The Ice Dragon * 1962, 1981

How Noggin came to fight the dragon and met its cold breath, how the dragon fled, and who it was that carried the cold treasure back to its rightful place.

flying.jpg (15887 bytes) 3. The Flying Machine * 1963

How Olaf the Lofty and Graculus' strange intricate device serves the Nogs, and descends on the dry Land of Silver Sand to bring justice and happiness to that sad place.

omruds.jpg (15067 bytes) 4. The Omruds * 1964

How Olaf the Lofty's fire machine ends in disaster, and how the King-under-the-Hill saves the Nogs from the results of Olaf's other scientific follies.

island1.jpg (13753 bytes)


5. The Island

How Nogbad the Bad uses a tropical island for his evil purposes and how the crown of the Northlands is saved.

firecake.jpg (17577 bytes) 6. The Firecake * 1966

How Nogbad the Bad takes Olaf's invention to help him in his evil schemes, and how the magic forces he unleashes are more than he can master.

pie.jpg (16868 bytes) 7. The Pie * 1981

How Noggin's young son Knut manages to prevent this massive masterpiece of pastrycook's art from being set before his father, and what the unsavoury filling is.

flowers1.jpg (17286 bytes)


8. The Flowers

'Green fingers' has Nogbad the Bad and his flowers grow tall and beautiful and very strange.  For him the way to achieve his wicked aims lies in his skill and knowledge of the gentle art of gardening.

game.jpg (17930 bytes) 9. The Game

How the terrible legend of Troldeskow became a game to play in the dark nights of the Northland, and how the game became a dark contest between the forces of good and evil.


monster.jpg (16000 bytes) 10. The Monster

How Olaf the Lofty invented a musical instrument so massive that it awoke the denizens of the deep and how Nogbad the Bad used it for his evil purposes and rose to a great height.

blackwsh.jpg (14332 bytes) 11. The Blackwash

How Nogbad the Bad turned the tide of time and brought darkness to the Land of Nog, and how the darkness was washed away by the folly of Olaf the Lofty.

icebergs.jpg (15515 bytes) 12. The Icebergs

How Nogbad the Bad harnessed the fire beneath the sea and sought to bend the world to his evil will and how a mermaid and several Great Orps lifted him away.

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