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For those who remember Tottie when it was first shown, these films made quite an impression, not only because they have gone down in history as the first childrens' programme to include a murder, but for the enormous skill in animation, voice, and editing which Oliver brought to Rumer Godden's haunting story. Although deceptively simple, Oliver conveyed subtleties of expression with the wooden and porcelain dolls, highlighting thereby the  economy of movement needed to tell a good story well. And this is a good story. It does not shy away from a philosophy of playmaking that honours children as the active participants in a doll's world. It was Oliver's intelligence and instinct that persuaded Rumer Godden, the author of the stories to let him make them into small films, and it a pleasure to restore the first series, twenty five years after they were first shown. 

There is a second series of five stories, made by Smallfilms, entitled 'Tottie and the Doll's Wish' but currently we can only find a faded copy of it on VHS from which to make DVDs - However we have spent a lot of time cleaning it up and it looks lovely! These DVDs are burned individually to order and are not packaged except with Tottie The Story of a Dolls' House





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