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Hello - the fact that you're here, hopefully means that you've found something you want.  There's a couple of things you need to know first though...

If you have a special request -  - please let us know and we will do what we can to help

Loaf is only going to the Post Office once every 10 days or so during the current  situation... this may add a bit of a delay to your order. Thankyou for understanding!


The Dragons traditionally prefer payment in gold or precious jewels but to order directly from us ...

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To pay by cheque click on the Crest or link to the left to open an order form. There you can order and examine all the goods and their combinations.

You can pay for your order by cheque, payable to Dragons Friendly Society, or postal order.

  You can also send cash, but by registered post, and in notes only. Round it UP.. we will send your change back with your order.

However to pay by  credit or debit cards you can order from our online partners .. for more information click here. You can also buy DVDs of Bagpuss and Ivor the Engine and the Clangers from them.



Postage and Packing prices quoted are within the UK only.


Overseas Customers

Due to the high cost to us of postage overseas, you may find it considerably cheaper and easier to order our products through our online distributors, who also take credit cards 


Overseas Customers should also note that the DVDs and VHSs are PAL format only. Our DVDs are Region 0, and therefore not limited to where they can be played, but please ensure that your computer/DVD equipment can cope before ordering!



Your order may be delivered in separate parcels.

Your order can be sent to a third person as a gift - or in plain packaging if you request it.



Click here to contact The Society
Click here to contact The Society