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SIX Episodes of Classic Storytelling restored at the request of their creator

Oliver Postgate was asked which were his favourite episodes of Pogles Wood ?.. whilst he was thinking about this,  young Pippin chirped up with his favourite: 'Paper Tigers!' he said, then Tog said that he liked 'Strong Music' in which he was the hero, then Mr Pogle said he liked 'A Little House' because he had always fancied to live in a real house. Mrs Pogle's favourite was 'Flowers' but she needed to think about her answer,  and the Plant's favourite ? 'Bricks' said the plant, and would give no reason.

So.. here they are then .....the Pogles' Choice,  unseen since their original BBC broadcasts in the late 60s, PLUS Woodwinds

Woodwinds NEW

In which Pippin and Tog make Music

Strong Music

In which Tog comes to the rescue by apprehending a thief, to the wonderful music of Vernon Elliott

A Little House

Introducing the Pipe cleaner people and their house


Mrs Pogle gets the flower garden she had always wanted


A lesson in construction from the Plant for Pippin and Tog

A Paper Tiger

A remarkable tale, told by Guru Mukaji


Pogles' Choice

86 minutes  Multi Region DVD Pal B&W 

14.99 inc P&P 

Special Offer

The Pogles Collection


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Please note that these programmes were filmed in Black and White, and over 30 years ago

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