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That a serious, if inadvertent, deprivation has befallen loyal persons who purchased the hardback version of SEEING THINGS, the magnificent autobiography of Oliver Postgate, (who, with Peter Firmin, was the creator of the Society)  in that those persons did not receive the elegant and complex CDRom which was made to accompany the later, paper-backed version.

Mindful, as ever, of the Call of Justice, the Society has obtained a number of the said Roms, which contain pictures, essays, travel tales and actual clips of the films, as well as the entire text of Oliver's Autobiography...and is willing to supply these to those in need at the price of 5.00 per Rom.

 Given under the claw of Grolliffe, in your year of 2001

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IF you have purchased this treasure, and found that your acrobats are less than supple - Oliver has this suggestion: