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Attach your Cheque or postal order made payable to Dragons Friendly Society Post and Packing charges quoted here are for deliveries within the UK Only. Most orders should be dispatched within 10 days...however please allow up to 28 days for delivery. If  there are problems or special requests,  please email us at the address here and we shall do our best to help.

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  The  Noggin Collection       125.00 inc P&P

  Boxed set of 12 Noggin Books        60.00 inc P&P

  Noggin  Multi-Region DVD   27.99 inc P&P

 Nogmania 30th Anniversary Hardback and print (unsigned)  15.00 inc P&P

Noggin Postcard Set 5.00 inc P&P

Four Tales of the Northlands and Nogmania Book Set        17.99 inc P&P

  The Pogles Collection 4 DVDs 50.00  plus 'The Trouble with Magic 55.00 inc P&P

  The Pogles DVD        14.99 inc P&P

  The Pogles Wood DVD        14.99 inc P&P

  The Pogles Choice DVD    14.99 inc P&P

  The Pogles End  DVD    19.99 inc P&P

  The Pogles Wood 'The Trouble with Magic CD Rom    8.99 inc P&P

  The Burglarproof Bathplug        12.99 inc P&P NEW

  The Pingwings DVD    14.99 inc P&P

Seal of Neptune & The Mermaids Pearls DVD  14.99 inc P&P

  Tottie DVD          14.99 inc P&P 

  Both Tottie DVDs          24.99 inc P&P 

  Buy EVERYTHING in an enormous parcel   9 DVDs 16 Books CDRom and print    220.00 inc P&P 

  I enclose a cheque  for the above amounts payable to Dragons Friendly Society   

Signed:......................................................................Post your order to: Loaf - Treasurer, The Dragons Friendly Society, Liverpool, L18 9UR